Retail Advertising

The game is changing but experience counts

Retail advertising – it’s probably not what you think!

Many “creative” people shun the thought of retail advertising as aggressive, over-the-top or just annoying.
Well . . . some of that is true, retail advertising can be all of those things . . . If it is not done correctly.

Well-crafted retail advertising creates excitement about a product or event, in a way that effectively causes desire for the product/event and the outlets. Sometimes those with little experience, will simply go for the gratuitously loud or the inanely crass button to make a point. Everybody has seen these ads and these are the negative impressions that stay in the minds of consumers.

If you want a strong retail advertising campaign, it’s not a simple case of selling while yelling.

Red Lid draws on over thirty years of experience in retail advertising to create powerful and successful retail advertising for press, television and radio. This experience gives us an insight as to the types of offers, store merchandising concepts and rhythm, speed and content of advertising media, which work best.

For fourteen years we created the radio and television material for national advertiser Joyce Mayne. In the world of blood n’ guts promotion, we carved a reputation for results. The fact many of our concepts are copied by other retailers here and abroad, is testament to our skills.

Our production department is skilled, fast and consistently delivers high quality advertising, to meet the crazy deadlines of the retail environment.

If you are in a retail and want to see a change in your advertising campaigns for a better bottom line, give Red Lid a call for a free consultation.

Need retail advertising that gets results?