Content is still the King

Even the best design will not triumph over copy. Effective copywriting will speak to your audience and capture their attention, even more so than images! A pitfall of many marketing materials is focusing on the aesthetics and not putting the ‘love’ into the copy. Every member of your audience is estimated to be confronted by around 3000 pieces of advertising per day making your first impression likely your last if you don’t engage them in a meaningful way.  

The Red Lid team is equipped with advertising experience to fight through the overload of messages to make yours stand out. We will help you enchant and captivate your target market into taking action. The process however, isn’t as magical as it seems, there is a clear formula to help ensure the expected results are achieved. 

Attention – Attract the attention of the audience 

Interest – Raise the interest e.g. focus on advantages 

Desire – Convince the audience their needs will be satisfied 

Action – Compel the audience into taking action 

In the end, if you are saying more than you need to, chances are that your audience will have already stopped reading. Concise and memorable copy, where every word has a purpose. That is the most effective way engage with words.

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Make first impressions count.