Catalogues and Brochures

Do not go to a printer before you read this and understand the risks!

So . . .Who should design your print job?

Seems like an obvious point yeah?  But this is commonly overlooked.

If you take your  job to a printer, they will say “oh we have graphic designers who came make it .”

What you will never hear from a printer: “that content does not work for you, as it does not meet your marketing objectives”.
The reason is simple, they just want to print something for you and are not qualified to comment any further. BUT unless you have studied advertising, it is very likely that the content is not written to meet specific and quantified objectives and will not inspire the reader to use your services.

That is where Red Lid really makes a difference. We analyse the “why” behind your job, ensure clear marketing goals are set and come up with great design and content.

In addition to getting the message right, we take care of the technical set-up and printing, to simplify what can be a complex process. We have great relationships with printers and will act as your broker to ensure a competitive price.

Beyond printing, we can develop online tools to move your brochure or printed work online for more flexibility and readers!

Get catalogues, books and brochures that work.